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Sat, 14 Jan 2006 
Report from Tootsie

To All Of My Angels:

I woulda wrote sooner, but Mommy has been having leaking eyes a lot so I haven't been able to sit on her lap to use this ComputerThing 'cuz she can't hold me long enough before her eyes start leaking again.  I don't know why her eyes keep leaking, but every time they do I lick the water away.  It sure is salty!

We went to the VetGuy in Tampa who checks doggie eyes.  He said I have a birth dee fect and won't never be able to see like the rest of The Wrecking Crew.  I sure don't know what a birth dee fect is, but I know I can see shadows and shapes so I get around just fine.  He also said maybe I have something called water on the brain or maybe a tumor which would explain my behavior running in circles and killing my toys.  He said maybe I oughta see a VetGuy he called a NewRolOGist and get something called a MRI.

My big Sis, Sassy, got some really good news!  The VetGuy who checks doggie eyes did say that she can get her cataracks out and have what he called lens put in their place.  Then she'll be able to see!  Ain't that
great news???  But she does have what he said is a eye inn-fla-may-shun and gave Mommy some drops for her eyes.  (Sassy's eyes not Mommy's.)  Then he said that when our VetGuy here checks her over real good to make sure she is healthy, and when the eye inn-fla-may-shun is all gone she can have new eyes to see with!  Sassy has to go back to the Tampa VetGuy February 9 to make sure the inn-fla-may-shun is all gone.

Mommy says to all this that "It's back to the drawing board."  I still ain't figured out what a drawing board has to do with eyes, but I guess she knows what she's talking about.  Anyways, she wrote to someone called CareCredit to get something called money (I think Hoomans use it to get stuff like food for us.), but they wouldn't give it to her without what they call a co-signer.  She wrote to another place called IMOM and is waiting to hear back from them, and she's going to write to some other places, too.  And she's gonna have some more yard sales this coming April.  She has even starting collecting stuff for them and says I will be able to make some more new friends who come to the yard sales.  Kool!

So that's the way things are for now.  Thank you ALL for helping me and Sassy get to see the VetGuy in Tampa.


Tootsie Roll



Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakah, an' Happy all them other greetings!

I am Tootsie, an' I just want to take a little time to thank alla my Angels for helping send me to the VetGuys in Gainesville, Florida. I know that Mommy already told everyone why we ain't gone yet, but I want to say a few words about it, too. Oh, an' I'm sorry if I don't spell too good. I'm Just Little an' still lerning

Mommy's Hooman Girl has to get a car so she can go to and from her work place while Mommy and me are visiting the VetGuys in Gainesville, FL. She's been trying really hard to save money for a car, but she has bills to pay like Mommy does so she ain't having much luck.....(What, Mommy? They can't? Awwww....... OH! Really and truly??? OH BOY!!!)

BOW-OH-WOW-OH-BOW-OH-WOW!!!!! Guess what??? Mommy just told me that she talked to MY VetGuy on the phone last night (Tuesday/Dec. 27), and he told her that the VetGuys in Gainesville can't see me till January 27. I was getting all ready to start howling (That's how dogs cry ~ they howl.) then she told me that the VetGuys in Gainesville recommended an eye VetGuy in Tampa, FL. Tampa is a LOT closer than Gainesville, an' Mommy knows right where the eye VetGuy there is! His name is Doc Wolf an' he is highly wreckamended by the Gainesville VetGuys, an' MY VetGuy says he is really good, too. Anyways, the lady at Doc Wolf's Place told my VetGuy she had three times I could come to see him on (Are you all ready for this???) FRIDAY, DEC. 30!!! How about that?!?! The times she told my VetGuy were 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 2 p.m. My VetGuy actually chuckled on the phone an' said if he knew my Mommy he could promise she could pencil me in for 2 p.m. My VetGuy told alla this to my Mommy when he talked to her on the phone then he said the lady at Doc Wolf's Place told him they would be waiting for Mommy's call the next day. When she called and told the lady her name the lady said "Oh yes. You're coming in at 2 p.m. this Friday." Mommy laughed and said that Doc Lockhart told her true so now it's all set up for me to go to Doc Wolf's Place in one more day!

I am really, really looking forward to seeing Doc Wolf, too! Mommy has been saying lots and lots of prayers that he will be able to make my eyes work, and so have I! Just think . . . . . if Doc Wolf can make my eyes work I'll be able to see Mommy's face, and I'll be able to see The Wrecking Crew, and I'll be able to see trees, and I'll be able to see my toys, and I'll be able to see alla the stuff I run into now, and I won't haveta run into it no more!

Ummmm......there is one thing I want to talk to alla you about. Mommy don't know I'm gonna ask so I gotta hurry before she comes back from the kitchen. Mommy told me that it ain't gonna cost as much to see Doc Wolf as it would have if we woulda had to go to Gainesville; it's still gonna cost what she calls "a pretty penny," but it won't cost as much. She said she would sure like to take Sassy, my big sister with cat-a-racks (whatever those are) and Honorary Doxie (Sassy is a Aff-in-pinch-ur) with us to see Doc Wolf. She said he could see both of us for what it would have cost to see just me in Gainesville. She's still thinking about it, but she's worried that alla my Angels will get mad if she does. If any of you read this before we leave to see Doc Wolf would you please write to her an' let her know what you think about taking Sassy, too?

Mommy has been talking to me about seeing Doc Wolf an' says that even if he can't make my eyes work she will still love me with alla her heart. I try to let her know that I will still love her with alla my heart, too, by giving her Baby Girl Kisses all over her face. That's what she calls me ~ her Baby Girl.

Well, that's all I got to say for now. Thank you all again, my Angels, for helping me go to Doc Wolf's Place. I love alla you!

Your Bestest Friend,

Tootsie Roll


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